So after great debate, accompanied by decent amount of harassment and threats by natural women that won’t be named, I will be selling signed 8.5” x 11” cardstock prints for $20 of versions of ‘NATURALLY GOLDEN’ I’m only getting a limited amount done of each so if you are interested let me know. 

More info coming soon…
It’s officially ready for the public.  
Shotby3d.com is up and running.  I want to sincerely thank everyone who has believed in my dream and has facilitated my creativity from the day I first picked up my camera in 2012 til now. So check it out and tell a friend to tell a friend.  I’m open to and welcome any critiques good or bad. GREAT THINGS TO COME.
Ladies and gents of Orlando,  that time is rapidly approaching… Summer graduations! Book your grad shoot today. Shoot me a DM or Email me at shotby3d@gmail.com #SummerTime # Graduation
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'Dont F*ckin' Touch…' 
Shout out to all my natural girls dealing with the struggle of random ppl touching your like your some plush teddy bear… This one is for you. 
On Camera: @triplebusiness
I’m finally done with giving shotby3d.com a well needed face lift. It’s still not available to the general The official launch will be sometime this week. Here are a couple screen shots. Thank you to everyone who has been instrumental in my growth I  the last 2 years, and every client that has hired me so far, with out you all this wouldn’t be possible.  #ShotBy3D #3DScope #Photography #OfficialSite #ComingSoon
Here it is…The Unsent Letter Project


An anonymous, hand written letter collection. 

This project is meant to be a pen to paper therapy session for you and anyone else who thinks they’re alone, and has something to say. It will be a collection of truths, inked confessions of the things that we hold in our hearts and burden our minds. An opportunity to address the Should’ve, Could’ve, and Would’ve’s of our yesterday. 

Now in order for this project to launch, grow, and reach as many people as possible.  It must become self sufficient. Letters must continue to come in. So if you like, enjoy, or believe in this project. ..we ask that you share with as many people as possible. Participate if you’d like. We hope you find something you connect to within the process. Go to:


For more info.

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Just posted shots from this shoot at bit.ly/1pyqILx I don’t shoot guys as often as I would like so any feedback good or bad would be much appreciated. 

P.s. redoing my website takes more work than I anticipated.  SIDE COMING SOON!
On Camera: @rheights 

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I couldn’t help but release another 
On Camera: @fly_heritage 
#SummerTime #MensFashion #MensWare #GentalmenSwank #ShotBy3D
Shout out to @rheights for being a dope subject this morning in the scorching heat. More pics coming soon #SummerTime #MensFashion #MensWare #GentalmenSwank
Shout out to @fly_heritage for also killing it in these Sahara temperatures. More images coming soon. #SummerTime #MensFashion #MensWare #GentalmenSwank
For the rest of the images from this session at wynwood with the awkward and ever so lovely @isasha_marie check out 


100 pictures in 15 secs.
Real talk I’m hella grateful for 2 of my best friends @teddyosomusic and @isasha_marie. These 2 are legit my aces, the paths that brought us together was not an easy one and we have been through a great deal since we met. But these are the type of ppl to have on your team. Believing in me when I doubt myself, pushing me to exceed my goals, an genuinely not giving a f#%k what other ppl think or have to say. These friendships will endure whatever life has to throw at us (mainly cuz we know too many of each others secrets lol) but for real I’m truly blessed to have these 2 in my corner. #AceBoonCoon #FriendLapse #ThreeMusketeers #SummerFun #Memories

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Had an absolute blast shooting the amazing @isasha_marie for the rest of the images for this shoot check out